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Gergő Kováts: Improulette

Site-specific interactive sound installation/performance for several players. After his Jazz Studies, the composer and saxophone player from Hungary gradually moved to the fields of free improvised music and got the most interested in the relation of the players. Lately works on getting his collaborators (also himself) to unexperienced situations to learn more about the essence […]

Andrej Gál & Ute Kanngiesser

  Ute Kanngiesser is a German, London based cellist: “For over 10 years, I have only played unscripted/improvised music. I have experimented with the sound of the cello, limiting myself to the alive material at hand: vast and complicated layers within the instrument and myself; and to let this music evolve continuously in relationship with […]


Áki Ásgeirsson / Hlynur Aðils Vilmarsson / Jesper Pedersen / Magnús Jensson / Páll Ivan Pálsson / Þorkell Atlason S.L.Á.T.U.R. is an artistically obtrusive composer collective centered in Reykjavík, Iceland. Since 2005 its members have been working on various types of experiments. These include animated notation using computer graphics, interactivity, various experiments with sounds and […]


Ata ‘Sote’ Ebtekar is an electronic music composer, sound artist, and recording engineer currently based in Tehran, Iran, whose work reconstructs traditional or regional tonal systems and rhythmic structures through synthesis and modular electronics. His current work approaches techno from a maximalist perspective, creating structural groove through programmed, pitched sounds rather than orthodox beats. Also […]

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