—– 19.00 —–> A4

A4 – priestor súčasnej kultúry Karpatská 2 (YMCA) http://a4.sk

Martin Burlas & Musica falsa et ficta

Festival slávnostne otvorí premiéra spojená s krstom novej nahrávky diela Martina Burlasa Hexenprozesse – dobové obrázky z obdobia inkvizície pre komorný súbor (akustické a elektronické nástroje, sekeru a bábku s kečupom ad lib), ktoré verejne zaznelo jediný raz v roku 1990 v podaní legendárneho Transmusic comp. Aktualizované naštudovanie pripravil ansámbel Musica falsa et ficta pod vedením […]

—– 20.30 —–> FUGA

FUGA – Space for the missing culture Námestie SNP 24 http://fuga.forumabsurdum.sk


“Every time you hit a laptop passionately enough with a drumstick it will reward you with fragments of music.” HRB/BOL is a Slovak collaborational project between hedonist noise musician Matúš Kobolka (BOLKA) and shameless stage occupant DJ Bol (DISCOTERROR Sound System, Amianti Mani, DJ Slama | VJ Vata) that is trying to map post-postmodern practices […]

Czarny Latawiec

Critic, curator, cyclist. Sonoric plunderphonicist, sound imperialist. His DJ-sets are as colorful as his records, expressing his knowledge about African rhythms converging with bizarre european traditions. Recently digging deep into Mik Musik back-catalogue, finding some diamonds and pearls even. He has performed at Tauron New Music festival, Unsound Cracow festival, Ars Cameralis, PHONO (Denmark), Simcha, […]


Benzokai aka Rin La’s rapping is often referred to spoken word or poetry, music labeled as weird mixture of dark ambient, pseudo hip-hop and noise. http://benzokai.bandcamp.com  

Új Bála

“I’m not a trained a musician, I never learned it, accidents play the main role in my case. I have a natural attraction to theatrical darkness, it is part of my identity I guess – human nature, lies and greed inspire me a lot. I’m also into disharmonics, grotesque minimalism and disgusting jokes.” Új Bála […]


A4 - Space for Contemporary Culture
Karpatská 2 (YMCA Building)