Gurun Gurun


Czech-based experimental quartet Gurun Gurun are Tomas Knoflicek, Jara Tarnovski, Ondrej Jezek and Federsel. Their musical work combines guitars, analogue synthesizers, turntables and acoustic instruments to span musical spaces ranging from hypno-minimalist atmospheres to warm tones of slow moving, repetitive melodic stanzas. Gurun Gurun’s eponymous debut album was released on Ian Hawgood’s label Home Normal in December 2010. There are special guests on the album, among others Moskitoo, Sawako, Opiate, Aki Tomita, Irena & Vojtech Havel and Floex. A remix album Gorogoro Garagara Rimikkusu was released in August 2011 on the Home Normal label, too.



A4 - Space for Contemporary Culture
Karpatsk√° 2 (YMCA Building)