Andrej Gál & Ute Kanngiesser



Ute Kanngiesser is a German, London based cellist:
For over 10 years, I have only played unscripted/improvised music. I have experimented with the sound of the cello, limiting myself to the alive material at hand: vast and complicated layers within the instrument and myself; and to let this music evolve continuously in relationship with others.” Most recent collaborations have been with Seymour Wright, Angharad Davies, John Butcher, Eddie Prévost, Rie Nakajima, Jennifer Allum, Paul Abbott, Guillaume Viltard,…

Andrej Gál attended master classes for string quartets with members of The Alban Berg Quartet, The Smetana Quartet, Janáček Quartet, Bartók Quartet and a master semester course for string quartets in Basel, Switzerland (Walter Levin – LaSalle Quartet, Rainer Schmidt – Hagen Quartet). He cooperated with the ensemble of early music Musica Aeterna. He is a member of the ensembles of contemporary music – Quasars Ensemble, Veni Ensemble, Melos-Ethos Ensemble and Ostravská banda (Ostrava Band).



A4 - Space for Contemporary Culture
Karpatská 2 (YMCA Building)